The Health screening protocol approved by immigration New Zealand requires you to complete a medical and chest X-ray for New Zealand visa applications.


What to bring to your appointment

Original and valid passport and  photocopy of passport your glasses or contact lenses if you use them

  • a list of any medicaiton you are taking(including dosage)
  • any relevant medical reports or x-rays
  • Applicants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian who cannot provide consent and make decisions on their behalf.
  • Proof of relationship (of parent or legal guardian) is necessary when consenting to conduct IMEs for children.
  • FRC (Family Registration Certificate) for Pakistani nationals.
  • Marriage certificate of the mother, wherein, Father name of the accompanying children is entered.
  • We can request for legal papers (court or government orders) allowing the legal guardian to take custody of the child.
  • if you're using an immigration adviser, a completed 'immigration Adviser Details' form.

Please note: it will take approximately 03 to 04 hours to complete your health assessment

Chaperones (Needed as universal requirement for all programs)

A parent or guardian must be present when a person under the age 18 is examined or x-rayed. A chaperone will be offered and available during the physical examination for all applicants. If you choose to, you can bring a family member, support person, and/or interpreter to your appointment. Let the clinic know when you make your appointment if you will be brining another person with you.

Physical Examination

You will need to remove some items of clothing for the physical examination. Some parts of the physical examination may be completed by a nurse or health care assistant.The medical staff at the clinic will guide you to required steps of examination and extent of undressing required.

Service Fee

The current service fee is given on below table. It covers the cost for initial IME only, which includes Physical examination, Urine analysis, chest x-ray, full blood count, Creatinine, HbA1C, Serology test for HIV, VDRL, Hepatitis B and C.

Last fee is effective from 1st May. 2022

Age Group Medical Indicates Islamabad and Karachi MHAC Fee Lahore MHAC Fee (16% GST)
Below 5 Year Physical Examination (PE) PKR 16,500/- PKR 16,500/-
From 5 Y and less then 11 Year PE, Urine Test PKR 17,500/- PKR 17,500/-
From 11 Y and less then 15 Year PE, Urine Test,CXR PKR 26,000/- PKR 26,500/-
From 15 Y and above PE, Urine Test, CXR, HIV, V.D.R.L, Hep B, Hep C, Serum Creatinine, Complete Blood Picture,HbA1c PKR 34,000/- PKR 35,000/-
Cases with CXR only   PKR 8,300/- PKR 8,600/-

Health assessment fees are subject to change

Screening at Lahore center applies 16% GST on Laboratory and Radiology test on top of the above service fee.

Additonal Medical test ,including Sputum examination, furtherance request for a repeat chest X-ray and specialist consultant are not included on service fee and will be charged separately.


Submission of your Medical Result:

For eMedical applicants, the medical documents will be submitted electronically at eMedical after receiving of complete results. You may contact our call center +92(051)111-466-472 or email at: if you wish to inquire about your health case submission status.


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