Readmission Case Mangement System (RCMS)

Chief of Mission IOM, Mio Sato in a discussion with Eric Hanh, EU Migration Liaison officer during the third steering committee meeting. 25th February 2022 © MMU / IOM Pakistan

As part of the Readmission Case Management System (RCMS) Project, IOM in close collaboration with NADRA continued providing maintenance support to RCMS end-users as well as maintained close coordination with Ministry of Interior (MOI) Pakistan and relevant EU authorities for RCMS deployment to additional EU Member States (MS).

IOM facilitated virtual follow-up sessions in early February for officials from EU authorities and Pakistani Diplomatic Missions (PDMs) in Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Italy.The sessions enabled the exchange of feedback between NADRA and RCMS end-users from these countries.

On 25 February 2022, IOM organized the third Project Steering Committee Meeting that was chaired by the Joint Secretary of MOI. Senior representatives from MOI, NADRA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs EU Delegation to Pakistan and IOM discussed the need to expedited employment to additional EU Member States and committed to complete project deliverables by July 2022.

During the last week of March, IOM also initiated RCMS deployment in Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and Luxembourg for which technical preparatory meetings were carried out throughout this quarter.

Additional deployment visits are tentatively scheduled in May 2022. Moreover, in March, officials from IOM’s European Readmission Capacity Building Facility (EURCAP) in Brussels visited Pakistan to discuss the sustainability of RCMS project.

Meetings were held with senior officials from MOI and NADRA to introduce them to IOM’s e-RCMS solution that allows customization to context of various countries and enables full compliance with existing legal frameworks, including data protection legislation.

Follow-up meetings are scheduled for the coming months to discuss and plan for adoption of e-RCMS solution for Pakistan.

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