All applicants in Pakistan who intend to visit the United Kingdom for a period longer than six months (180 days) need to obtain a certificate confirming that they are free from infectious  Pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) before submitting their visa application. The common categories of applicant who require TB screening includes long-term students, work permit holders, other employment and domestic workers, volunteer workers (Including all dependents of the aforementioned) and all settlements and marriage cases.

The medical certificate is provided to all applicants (regardless of age) who are free of infectious tuberculosis and applying for a visa to stay in the United Kingdom for a period longer than six months (180 days). 

Approved Bank Branches
S.No. Branch Code City Name Branch Name Branch Address
1 596 MIRPUR MCB (Muslim Commercial Bank) Bank Square, Allama Iqbal Rd. Nangi, Mirpur, AJK
Service Fee

Please note that it takes approximately 3 to 4 hours to complete each health assessment.

Age Group Medical Indicates Islamabad and Karachi MHAC Fee Lahore MHAC Fee (16% GST)
Below 11 Year Physical Examination (PE) PKR 8,800/- PKR 8,800/-
From 11 Y and above PE, Chest X-RY PKR 11,000/- PKR 11,320/-

As of 1st August 2022, a service fee amounting to 10% of the individual total fee will be deducted for a refund of UK unscreened cases who have already deposited the IOM fee at the designated bank.

Documents required on the day of the appointment
  • A valid original passport and a photocopy of the same.
  • Three latest 1.5”× 2” sized photographs with white background not older than 6 months without obscuring the face and resembling the current appearance.
    • Medical reports and lab test reports regarding old or current TB treatment In case of pregnant ladies please bring Ante Natal-check-up card.
  • Complete address in the UK with Post Code and Phone number. Note for students: Students who do not know their exact UK address need to indicate the University or school to which they have applied.
  • Two receipts of deposited service fee from the designated branch of Standard Chartered Bank.
  • Proof of relationship (of parent or legal guardian) is necessary when consenting to conduct IMEs for children. If you're under 18, your parent or legal guardian must be with you. Applicants under the age of 17 must be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian who can provide consent and make decisions on their behalf.
  • FRC (Family Registration Certificate) for Pakistani nationals.
  • Marriage certificate of the mother, wherein, Father name of the accompanying children is entered.
  • We can request for legal papers (court or government orders) allowing the legal guardian to take custody of the child.
UKTB Process Flow

One the day of assessment, the Pre-departure UKTB test comprises the following procedures:

  • Application data registration, counseling and signing the consent.
  • Providing the Information to all clients on TB questionnaire by IOM staff.
  • Chest X-ray for ≥ 11 year and < 11 years, if clinically indicated.
  • Reviewing of the TB questionnaire by IOM Panel Physician.
  • Physical Examination by Physician, if necessary.
    • Laboratory testing (3 days Sputum sampling & examination), if active TB is suspected by Chest X-ray or clinical exam or for pregnant ladies who are not willing to undergo Chest X-Ray examination.
  • Issuance of UKTB Certificate at the respective Migration Health Assessment Center in the afternoon to applicants with normal radiological and clinical findings.

Note: During pregnancy, the applicant has three options to proceed with her health screening:

  • Having a Chest X ray with extra protection including double wrap-round shielding.
  • If the pregnant applicant is unwilling to undertake Chest X ray then she must provide three sputum specimens for smear and culture.
  • Alternatively, pregnant applicant can postpone the screening until the delivery.
Laboratory testing

Applicant will be referred for the sputum sampling test, If his/her Chest X-ray is interpreted as abnormal and suggestive of active pulmonary TB or if there are  clinical reasons to suspect TB disease. This also applies to pregnant applicants who opt not to go for Chest X-ray. Sputum specimen will be collected in the early morning working hours in fasting condition for three consecutive days. It will take eight weeks to obtain the final sputum culture result from the last day of collection. In case of inadequate sample, recollection might be requested.

Tuberculosis treatment

If active Pulmonary Tuberculosis is diagnosed, the patient/ applicant is referred for the TB treatment. As per standarized gobal WHO guidelines, it takes minimum 6 months duration to complete the TB treatment. After a completion of a full TB treatment course completion, a re-screening of the TB test is required during which applicant may undergo culture test. in case of negative TB test results, the applicant is given a certificate by IOM to proceed with their visa application.


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