18 Oct 2021

Islamabad – Mr. Yasir is 23 years old and the youngest child of the family. His father died 5 years ago. His elder brothers have been supporting the family, however, yasir wanted to share the burden and found a job as a labourer in the surgical instruments industry, the predominant industry in his hometown, Sialkot. Yasir worked there for 5 years earning a very low wage. It was at that time that some of his friends began planning to migrate to Europe to search for a better future.

He had to pay a respectable amount of money for this journey. The difficult journey to Greece took him one and a half month. He spent six months in Greece but as earning a living proved very difficult, he decided to return to his homeland. He found out about "the Implementation of Assisted Voluntary Returns including Reintegration measures", implemented by IOM Greece, from fellow Pakistanis. He approached the IOM Greece mission, with the vital assistance of IOM Pakistan, where he was provided with details on the AVRR program. He travelled back to Pakistan in December 2016 and after receiving the reintegration assistance, he started a surgical instruments manufacturing business, producing scissors. His business is going well and he is happy and satisfied.

Mr. Yasir is happy with his decision to return to a life with a stable income, being able to provide for his family as well.

"The difficult journey to Greece took him one and a half month"

SDG 10 - Reduced Inequalities